Pastor's Corner

January 2019

First, THANK YOU for the many kind words, the cards and gifts, the goodies and especially the prayers you share with us. Through you we receive God’s blessing of fellowship and grace as we celebrate together the Great News of His enduring love in Jesus. We are truly blessed! Thank you. +Pastor Charlie and Laura Adams.

The New Year brings new things. One of the realities of life is the bills must be paid, and many are struggling to do just that. The “financial hangover” of paying for Christmas simply aggravates that anxiety.

We hope to help you get beyond those bills, and all the anxiety that comes with them, to live in peace, free from financial worry. One way to do this is Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. Our goal is not to get more dollars out of you, but to help you get more out of your dollars. We hope to be able to offer this again soon.

For more info just call Pastor Adams at the church office, 242-1906.

Do you know someone who would like to know more about Jesus? ... the church? ...

What are Lutherans all about? How does Jesus influences our lives today? Invite them to join you in worship, and let them know I would be glad to talk with them, and if desired teach them the basics of the faith at a time convenient to them. Just give me call at 785-893-4387 any time.

Blessings to all for a grace filled New Year! +Pastor Charlie Adams